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Date: July 12, 2019

Course Name: Landlord-Tenant Law (Basic and Intermediate)

Seminar Materials

  • Arizona Supreme Court Case: Schaefer v Murphey (this case illustrates the dire consequences to this landlord when he did not send an “itemized list of deduction” {also known as a “Disposition of Deposit”} to the tenant within 14 days; the tenant even owed the landlord money, but the landlord still lost this case)


Other Free Information and FORMS


Instructions (12 pages explaining what to write into the blank spaces and why)

Includes these forms:

(1) Property Inspection  Checklist)

(2) Foreclosure Addendum

(3) 5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit

(4) 10-Day Notice of Material Noncompliance

(5) Arizona Pool Safety Notice, and

(6) Federal Lead-Based Paint Lease Addendum and accompanying Pamphlet.



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