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Does your lease/rental agreement have ALL “NOTICES” and “SPECIAL PROVISIONS” that are REQUIRED by Arizona law?


How can you know if your lease/rental agreement complies with Arizona law?

  • If your form was drafted before 2012, it doesn’t comply (some important laws changed in 2012 and after).
  • If your form says it is “good in all 50 states,” it doesn’t comply (Arizona requires very specific notices and addenda).
  • If you do a “word search” in your form and it doesn’t include these words: “inspection” and “department,” it doesn’t comply.

Solve that problem right here, right now.


  • You don’t have ANY lease/rental agreement, or
  • You know (or NOW know) that your form does not comply with Arizona law, or
  • You are not sure if your form complies with Arizona law, or
  • Your form is older than 2012, or
  • You simply want a form that was drafted by an Arizona landlord/tenant attorney…

Then you may use my FREE Arizona residential lease/rental agreement form. This FREE form was drafted by me — Carlton C. Casler, an Arizona attorney for nearly 30 years — specifically for Arizona residential rental property, and includes “landlord friendly” contract provisions (i.e., favorable to the landlord, not the tenant).


This form CANNOT be used by everyone!

Please understand the following limitations and exclusions BEFORE you use this lease form:

  • This is a “basic” Lease; not many “bells & whistles,” but it includes all the notices and addenda required by law and is “landlord friendly” (i.e., favorable to the landlord). FEATURE COMPARISON (compare this form with two other forms I have drafted)
  • This Lease was drafted specifically for Arizona. This Lease may not be valid in any other state.
  • This Lease IS NOT for use by Arizona real estate agents or brokers because it does not include the additional provisions required by Arizona law when a lease form is used by real estate agents/brokers.
  • This Lease IS NOT for use for “short-term” or vacation rentals (e.g., VRBO, AirBnB, HomeAway, etc.). Vacation rental property may not be subject to the Act, but use of this form would make the Act apply — you most certainly don’t want that!
  • This Lease IS NOT for use by hotels, motels or any other “transient” occupants (as defined by the LL/T Act).

Here is the link to the FREE Arizona lease/rental agreement:


By the way, FREE means FREENot free IF you give me your email address, or FREE if you complete a survey, or anything else. Free means free!

Here are some of the features of this FREE Arizona Residential Lease/Rental Agreement:

  • Includes complete instructions  (12 pages explaining what, when & why)
  • Written from landlord’s perspective, not the tenant’s perspective
  • Includes ALL NOTICES and ALL ADDENDA required by Arizona law and federal law
    • Includes the Federal Lead-Based Paint Addendum and Lead-Based Paint pamphlet
    • Includes notices required by Arizona law: Arizona Pool Safety Notice, begbug notice, foreclosure notice, Landlord/Tenant Act notice, move-out inspection notice, owner/agent notice, out-of-state residential landlord requirement
  • Landlord may choose “fixed term” or “month-to-month”
  • Assign pool maintenance to landlord or tenant
  • Assign yard maintenance to landlord or tenant
  • Tenant required to get renter’s insurance
  • Tenant responsible for full amount of property damage, not a prorated amount
  • Tenant responsible for damage (including broken windows, mirrors, glass) to rental unit by tenant, guests, and/or criminals/third parties
  • Tenant must comply with HOA Rules and must pay HOA fines
  • ALSO Includes:
    • Crime free provision
    • Daily late fee provision
    • Returned check fee
    • 5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit,
    • 10-Day Notice of Material Noncompliance
    • Move-in Inspection form
    • Lead-Based Paint Addendum & Pamphlet (required by federal law)
    • Pool Safety Notice (required by state law)
    • Foreclosure Addendum (required by state law)
    • Special Terms Addendum

FREE means FREE.

Here is the link to the FREE Arizona lease/rental agreement:



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