If you are looking for the CHEAPEST eviction attorney…

STOP NOW!  I am not the right attorney for you!

  • I provide unparalleled, one-on-one, legal services, but only for a specific type of client. I only work with:
    • Individual landlords - people who own and manage their own rental properties); and
    • Real estate professionals such as real estate brokers/agents, property managers, other attorneys (i.e., an out-of-state attorney or an Arizona attorney who needs to evict a tenant as part of a foreclosure, probate, etc., but is unfamiliar with the eviction process).
    • If you fit into this category, then read on.
    • If you own apartments or manage 20+ rental properties — stop reading and don’t call me.
  • Throughout the case evaluation and, if needed, the eviction process, I provide you with landlord/tenant counseling, education about Arizona landlord/tenant law, and review of your forms and procedures.
  • I won’t just solve your current “problem tenant,” I will help you avoid future problems.

When you hire me, you will ALWAYS talk to ME and I will Personally handle ALL aspects of your case.

I am a “solo-practitioner” -- I am the only attorney in this firm, which means that I will handle all aspects of your case. Unlike other law firms, you will NEVER speak to a paralegal, junior associate, or another attorney who is unfamiliar with your case. You will always speak directly to me about your case.


Every new matter begins with a Case Evalution and a Notice to the tenant, followed (maybe) by an eviction in court.

Case Evaluation: Analysis, Options, Recommendation(s), and Notice(s)

For every new client or an existing client with a new tenant issue, I begin with an evaluation of your case. I analyze the facts of your case under Arizona law and the terms of your rental agreement. I will provide you with a list of your current options. I will make one or more recommendations. And then, if needed, I will draft one or more notices to your tenant. The notice may be all that is necessary to obtain your desired results (e.g., payment, tenant vacating).

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet sent a notice, DO NOT send one now. It may be the wrong notice, contain the wrong type of information, or contain inadvertent admissions, which may take longer and cost more to correct.

During your case evaluation, I will review your rental agreement, forms and procedures. If warranted, I may recommend corrective action.

If the notice I prepare and send to your tenant does not obtain the desired results, then I may recommend filing an eviction action in court or other actions (i.e., not involving a court) that are in your best interest.


When I handle YOUR eviction, I will:

  • Review facts with you to determine the best way to proceed (if not already done).
  • Prepare the initial notice (if not already done).
  • Draft the eviction action lawsuit (i.e., Summons & Complaint). After you have reviewed the Complaint for factual accuracy, it will be filed with the court (filing done by court runner).
  • Have tenant served with Summons & Complaint (done by process server).
  • Appear for the Initial Hearing and, if necessary, the court trial. You, or someone on your behalf, may be needed, but you may be able to appear by telephone. If a trial becomes necessary, i will explain (in detail) the trial process. If your testimony is necessary, i will go over your testimony in advance.
  • Follow up to see if a Writ of Restitution is necessary.
  • Provide counseling regarding critical and time-sensitive post-judgment requirements and procedures, such as the move-out inspection (included at no additional charge) and Disposition of Deposit (which must be done within 14 days).
  • Review your rental agreement to determine: (1) if it complies with Arizona law and (2) if it needs to be revised or replaced (review included at no additional charge).
  • Assist with disposing of any personal property left behind by the tenant (included at no additional charge).
  • Assist with correctly and TIMELY preparing the “itemized list of deductions” from the tenant’s refundable deposits and provide the appropriate form (“Disposition of Deposit’), if needed (included at no additional charge).
  • Record the judgment (including completing the Judgment Information Statement), if desired (recording and other fees apply).
  • Make the initial written demand for voluntary payment from the tenant (required before garnishment of wages; included at no additional charge).
  • Provide counseling regarding your practices and procedures, to help avoid future problems (included at no additional charge).

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