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Download current landlord/tenant statutes (laws)


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Each of  the following forms are FREE and may be used repeatedly without fee or royalty, subject to these Terms & Conditions, but the user assumes all risks, including but not limited to: the risk of completing the form inaccurately, using the wrong form, improper service of the form and/or service of the at the wrong time.


  •  IF YOU ARE UNSURE of: (1) which form to use, (2) how to complete the form, (3) how to serve the form and/or (4) when to serve the form, then you may wish to consider purchasing a form with instructions starting at $10 (below this section).



Purchase any form(s) and download IMMEDIATELY!  Use PayPal or credit card.  Each of the following forms includes:

(1) the specific form you select (this is a blank form that you may use now {and continue to use in the future} for your own personal use;

(2) a SAMPLE form, that has been completed, showing you what type of information goes on each line of the blank form;

(3) instructions on how and when to serve the form; and

(4) a FLOWCHART showing the sequence of events for a tenant eviction.

By downloading one or more of these free forms, you agree to these “Terms of Use”

Speak directly with Carlton C. Casler about Arizona landlord and tenant law. Because you are only charged for the time you actually use, the Helpline is cheaper, faster, easier and infinitely more convenient than scheduling an in-office consultation with an attorney. Forms available by fax or e-mail at not extra charge. Hour of availability vary. Call: 602-255-0101

The most complete, most up-to-date reference guide on Arizona landlord/tenant law available (commercial and residential).  Available in paperback or Paperback or E-Book (in .PDF format, completely searchable).  Available from Consumer Law Books Publishing House.

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