What is the difference between the $199 PDF version and the $239 MS Word version?

  • PDF for $199: you may download the “Enabled” PDF version.
    • On-Screen data entry. The fields for text (e.g., names of tenants) and amount (e.g., rent, deposit) have been “enabled,” which means you may enter text and dollar amounts on-screen. Then you may save the file to a new/unique file name. This is particularly useful because you can enter the information that will not change (e.g., owner, manager, rental property address, etc.), save it, and then use it as a template, which can be used over and over.
    • Paper data entry. Alternatively, you may print out the lease form and enter text and amounts manually directly on the lease form (if anybody still does that).
  • MS Word for $239: you may download the MS Word UNLOCKED file format, which means you can edit ALL TEXT. From within MS Word, you can print the completed form and/or save it to a unique file name. Caution: because the unlocked version allows editing of all text, it is possible for you to add provisions that are PROHIBITED under Arizona law and/or delete provisions that are REQUIRED by Arizona law. Edit at your own risk.

Buy the version you want, but don’t buy more than you need. I personally recommend the PDF version.

For an extensive comparison of the $199 PDF, $239 MS Word, and $695 Custom-Drafted Lease, Go HERE.

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