Does your lease/rental agreement have ALL “NOTICES” and “SPECIAL PROVISIONS” that are REQUIRED by Arizona law?

How can you know if your lease/rental agreement complies with Arizona law?

  • If your form was drafted before 2012, it doesn’t comply (some important laws changed in 2012 and after).
  • If your form says it is “good in all 50 states,” it doesn’t comply (Arizona requires very specific notices and addenda).
  • If you do a “word search” in your form and it doesn’t include these words: “inspection” and “department,” it doesn’t comply.

Solve that problem right here, right now.


  • You don’t have ANY lease/rental agreement, or
  • You know (or NOW know) that your form does not comply with Arizona law, or
  • You are not sure if your form complies with Arizona law, or
  • Your form is older than 2012, or
  • You simply want a form that was drafted by an Arizona landlord/tenant attorney…

Then you may use my FREE Arizona residential lease/rental agreement form. This FREE form was drafted by me — Carlton C. Casler, an Arizona attorney for over 30 years — specifically for Arizona residential rental property, and includes “landlord friendly” contract provisions (i.e., favorable to the landlord, not the tenant).

WARNING: This form CANNOT be used by everyone!

Please understand the following limitations and exclusions BEFORE you use this lease form:

  • This is a “basic” Lease; not many “bells & whistles,” but it includes all the notices and addenda required by law and is “landlord friendly” (i.e., favorable to the landlord). FEATURE COMPARISON (compare this form with two other forms I have drafted)
  • This Lease was drafted specifically for Arizona. This Lease may not be valid in any other state.
  • This Lease IS NOT for use by Arizona real estate agents or brokers because it does not include the additional provisions required by Arizona law when a lease form is used by real estate agents/brokers.
  • This Lease IS NOT for use for “short-term” or vacation rentals (e.g., VRBO, AirBnB, HomeAway, etc.). Vacation rental property may not be subject to the Act, but use of this form would make the Act apply — you most certainly don’t want that!
  • This Lease IS NOT for use by hotels, motels or any other “transient” occupants (as defined by the LL/T Act).

Here is the link to the FREE Arizona lease/rental agreement:


By the way, FREE means FREE. Not free IF you give me your email address, or FREE if you complete a survey, or anything else. Free means free!

Here are some of the features of this FREE Arizona Residential Lease/Rental Agreement:

  • Includes complete instructions  (12 pages explaining what, when & why)
  • Written from landlord’s perspective, not the tenant’s perspective
  • Includes ALL NOTICES and ALL ADDENDA required by Arizona law and federal law
    • Includes the Federal Lead-Based Paint Addendum and Lead-Based Paint pamphlet
    • Includes notices required by Arizona law: Arizona Pool Safety Notice, begbug notice, foreclosure notice, Landlord/Tenant Act notice, move-out inspection notice, owner/agent notice, out-of-state residential landlord requirement
  • Landlord may choose “fixed term” or “month-to-month”
  • Assign pool maintenance to landlord or tenant
  • Assign yard maintenance to landlord or tenant
  • Tenant required to get renter’s insurance
  • Tenant responsible for full amount of property damage, not a prorated amount
  • Tenant responsible for damage (including broken windows, mirrors, glass) to rental unit by tenant, guests, and/or criminals/third parties
  • Tenant must comply with HOA Rules and must pay HOA fines
  • ALSO Includes:
    • Crime free provision
    • Daily late fee provision
    • Returned check fee
    • 5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit,
    • 10-Day Notice of Material Noncompliance
    • Move-in Inspection form
    • Lead-Based Paint Addendum & Pamphlet (required by federal law)
    • Pool Safety Notice (required by state law)
    • Foreclosure Addendum (required by state law)
    • Special Terms Addendum

FREE means FREE.

Here is the link to the FREE Arizona lease/rental agreement: