Office Policy Manual

The Commissioner’s Rules require every employing broker and every designated broker to have a written policy manual.  (See Comm. Rule R4-28-1103.A). The Office Policy Manual is the document that establishes and maintains control over your office, agents and staff.  If you are ever involved in litigation, it may turn out to be the single most important document that you have. A well-drafted Office Policy Manual will help you to avoid litigation in the first place and to prevail if litigation is unavoidable.

ADRE’s “sample” policy manual provides a good outline of topics to include in a policy manual, but provides little substance and/or guidance and leaves it to you to formulate your policy on each issue and then reduce that policy to clear, unambiguous text. Even if you have the time, inclination, and skill to draft your own policy manual, it will take a Herculean effort and consume an enormous amount of your time. I have already done all of the hard work for you! And, yes, it includes content from ADRE’s 2023 Model Broker’s Policy and Procedures Manual.

Custom Office Policy Manual

  1. An Office Policy Manual drafted specifically for you and your office. I will meet with you personally or by telephone to gather all the requisite information. I will then draft an Office Policy Manual specifically for you. In addition, I will include contract clauses that favor you, the broker. You will have the opportunity to review the Office Policy Manual as many times as you wish before the final version is printed. When completed, you will be confident in the knowledge that your Office Policy Manual was drafted to protect your company’s interests and complies with Arizona law.

2. “Temporary policy manual” included. If you have no policy manual at all (a frequent occurrence), I will provide you with a “temporary policy manual” that you may adopt today, so that you are in compliance today with the Commission’s Rule mandating a written policy manual.

3. Office Policy Manual on disc or on your website. When complete, I will provide you with a printed copy. In addition, I can even give you the document on disc, so you can make your own minor revisions. If desired, I will convert your Office Policy Manual to .PDF format, which you may easily post on your website so that it is available 24/7 to all your agents.

ALSO INCLUDED: One year of updates.

Updates to your Office Policy Manual are free for one year. Make whatever changes you want/need – there will be no extra charge. After drafting your Office Policy Manual, if the law changes or I encounter a new provision(s) that I believe should be included in your Office Policy Manual, I will notify you and you will have the option of including the new provision(s) into your Office Policy Manual.

ALSO INCLUDED: Broker-Agent Agreement. A custom-drafted Broker-Agent Agreement ($395 if drafted without a policy manual) is INCLUDED at no extra charge. This agreement establishes the rights and obligations between: (1) the employing broker and (2) the salesperson and associate brokers.

The process is easy.

Call 1-602-255-0101 to set up a telephone appointment. I will take care of the rest.


Send me an e-mail with your phone number and the best time to contact you and I will call you to schedule an appointment: [email protected]

Custom-Drafted Real Estate Office Policy Manual – $1,495.00

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