Privacy Policy

Forms. Forms available on this site are intended to be completed either on-screen and then printed (no data that you input on-screen is captured or sent to us) or printed out and then manually completed. Forms may then be sent via mail, e-mail or fax to this office or to another recipient. Only attorneys have access to this site’s incoming e-mail and faxes.  All information received is considered confidential and will not be shared with or sold to others.

Reminders.  If you complete one or more “I’m not sure, but I want to be reminded” forms (which appear on several of pages of this web site), then that information will be used to contact you via e-mail in 30 days, to “remind” you of that product or service.  If you do not respond, we will send you another e-mail “reminder” every 30 days, until you purchase the product or service or until you ask us not to send you any more “reminders,” which you may easily do by following the instructions at the bottom of each 30 day e-mail “reminder.”

E-Mail Requests.  If you send us an e-mail request, we will contact you (via phone or e-mail, depending on the information you provide) to schedule an appointment or, if you requested information rather than an appointment, we will simply respond to your request (if possible and appropriate).  If, after repeated attempts, we cannot reach you or you do not respond to our e-mail or phone messages, then we will deleted the information you sent us and we will not make any further attempts to contact you.