You’ve heard the phrase, “I have an attorney on retainer.”

What does that actually mean?

  • It means you already have an agreement with an attorney whereby the attorney has agreed to provide “you” (“you” may mean a company or an individual) with legal representation for one or more types of legal matters. It means your attorney is ready, willing, and able to help you — right away — when you need legal services.

What does it mean on this website?

  • It means that I, Carlton C. Casler, have agreed to provide you (and/or your company) with legal representation AND counseling regarding Arizona landlord/tenant law.
  • It means I am ready, willing, and able to help you — right away — with any Arizona landlord/tenant matter.
  • It means that you have the ability to call or email me regarding an Arizona landlord/tenant matter and I will respond within one business day (but normally the same day).
  • It also means that I CANNOT be hired by your tenant or other adverse party because lawyers are prohibited from representing two (or more) parties with adverse interests (e.g., a plaintiff/landlord filing a lawsuit against a defendant/tenant; a defendant/landlord defending a lawsuit filed by a plaintiff/tenant; etc.).

Who is this for?

  • Landlords
  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Agents/Brokers
  • Attorneys (who are unfamiliar with Arizona landlord/tenant law) – Yes, I regularly get calls from other Arizona attorneys who are not familiar with Arizona landlord/tenant law.
  • Anyone (with some exceptions) with a question about Arizona landlord/tenant law

What are some examples of the questions you can ask?

  • Non-Payment of Rent by a Tenant – What to do first? What to do next? What form(s) to use?
  • Forms – Where to get forms?
  • Deposits – What can be deducted from a tenant’s deposit? What is the deadline to make deductions?
  • Property Damage – How to document property damage? What evidence is admissible in court? What can be charged to the tenant?
  • Notices (5-day, etc.) – When and how to serve it? (I will even send you the form, if you need it)
  • Discrimination – What is “illegal” discrimination? What is “legal” discrimination?
  • Appeals – What to do if a tenant appeals an eviction action? How to appeal if the landlord loses an eviction action?
  • Evictions (Special Detainer and Forcible Detainer lawsuits) – Where to start? What to do? Where to file?
  • Questions about Arizona landlord/tenant law (residential or commercial)

All answers come directly from me, Carlton C. Casler. I am an attorney (first licensed in 1990), a licensed Arizona real estate broker, and the author of the Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook. I am also certified by the Arizona Department of Real Estate as a Real Estate Instructor and certified by the State Bar of Arizona as a Continuing Education Instructor. I will be able to answer your questions. If I can’t, I will research the issue and then get back to you with the answer.


It is not simply a matter of paying me some money and then I represent you. I DO NOT say “yes” to everyone who wants to retain me. For example:

  • I will not enter into a Retainer Agreement with a commercial or residential tenant.
  • I will not enter into a Retainer Agreement with anyone who needs legal counseling and/or representation outside of my area of expertise.
  • I will not enter into a Retainer Agreement with anyone who fails my “client screening process” (see below).
  • I will not represent “unprofessional” and/or “difficult” clients.

Why am I selective about who I agree to represent?

  • You want a “competent” attorney. I am competent in Arizona landlord/tenant law, but not about landlord/tenant law in other states, nor am I competent in some other areas of the law (i.e., bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, etc.). I will only agree to enter into a Retainer Agreement with a client who needs legal representation and/or counseling regarding Arizona landlord/tenant law.
  • I will not represent “unprofessional” and/or “difficult” clients. Life is short. I see no reason to represent clients who: (1) want to file one or more frivolous lawsuits in an attempt to “wear down” an adversary; (2) are rude to me or the administrative staff in my office; or (3) who perceive me as part of their problems, rather than as part of the solution to their problems.

What do you get when you retain me?

  • 2 Hours at a GREATLY reduced rate — 2 hours for $495 instead of $600 (my Regular Hourly Fee is $300/hour; that is a $105 discount).
    • You have one full year to use the two hours.
    • You can call me one time for two hours, or
    • You can call me twenty times for six minutes each time, or
    • You can send me ten to twenty emails (depending on the length and number of questions therein), or
    • Some variation or combination of the above.
  • Get the answers you need by phone, e-mail, mail, or fax.
  • Quick Response – Get answers right away (if I am available when you call) or within one business day (if I am not available at the time you call). Or send me your question(s) by email or fax; I will respond within one business day.
  • Forms –  If it turns out that the answer to your question requires a specific form that I have, I will send you the form FREE!
  • Your opponent cannot hire me because you will have me on retainer!
  • I keep track of your time.

Note: The Retainer Agreement cannot be used to pay for (or in lieu of) flat fee services (e.g., drafting of leases or other documents; evictions; initial case evaluation, options and recommendation(s); etc.), to pay a past or current Billing Statement, and/or to pay for legal representation in litigation (including past, present or future litigation), but can be used to answer your questions about past, present or future litigation. The Retainer Agreement is for new clients only; existing clients cannot purchase a Retainer Agreement.

What does it cost?

$495.00 – which gives you 2 hours of consultation to use by phone, email, mail, and/or fax, for one full year. Additional time is available at my Regular Hourly Fee of $300/hour.

What if I don’t use all of my time during the year?

  • That rarely happens, but if you use less than one hour during the year, then you may:
    • Extend the Retainer Agreement for six months without charge; OR
    • Pay $300 and extend the Retainer Agreement for one year. You will receive two additional hours (a $600 value) PLUS your unused time during the first year.
  • Just so you know, the reason most people use all their time is because once people have me on retainer and I answer their first question, they see how fast and convenient it is to use this service. Then they call me WHENEVER they have a landlord/tenant question. Incidentally, it is usually less expensive to call me BEFORE you take action, rather than AFTER you have taken the wrong action.
  • Even if you don’t use all your time, you will have peace of mind all year knowing you have an “attorney on retainer.”



Existing Clients:  You don’t need to complete the online form. Call me or send me an mail