He makes it easy!

Mr. Casler was very on top of everything. He was very thorough. He thought of things I would never have thought of myself. He kept me informed every step of the way and talked me through something I have never gone thru before. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Casler. He helped me thru a very unique situation that involved an eviction and family members. Even the judge stated it was unique. There was a transfer of property and a current lease agreement that was already in place prior to the transfer of property. Mr. Casler helped me evict the current tenant which unfortunately had to be a family member. He sent the notices to the tenant and also set up the court date and appeared with me. Mr. Casler let me know when the judgment came in and the outcome on my behalf. He kept me informed as to not only my rights but the rights of my tenant to make certain everything was handled correct to the law. I was glad I hired him and would definitely do that again if ever a need should arrive.

- Michelle(5 star review)

Tenant Eviction

Carlton did an excellent job evicting a tenant from a rental. We were able to obtain immediate eviction due to health and safety reasons. It was relatively painless and quick.

- Mary(5 star review)

My New Real Estate Attorney

I wanted to take a moment to recommend this fellow.
Having been in the real estate market for years,here in the valley, I’ve run into all types of people.
When I found myself in a situation mandating a quick response, I asked an old business partner for her recommendation and without hesitation,she looked at me and said, Carton Casler.
I contacted his office via email and within minutes he was on the phone with me. He asked all the pertinent questions, gave me sage advice and discussed the many options I had. I asked if he would be willing to pen the contract to specify and highlight the several surrounding issues and Bam, I had a draft in my email when I got to the office. There were things I thought needed to be further tailored and Mr. Casler was quick to point out why he had worded the contract the way it was, helped me understand and almost coached me. I can’t recommend this man enough. Very understanding, reasonably priced, quick to respond with quality answers, pleasant speaking voice and very nice office. Believe when I tell you, this is a rarity here in the valley.
Thank you for your time.

- Timothy(5 star review)

Pleased Client

Mr. Casler is an eviction expert who represented me very well. We won the case with ease due to his extensive knowledge. He has kept in touch regularly and guided me through the process. He has treated me with respect and has proven himself to be very trustworthy.

- Maurisa (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

Carlton Casler helped me evict a tenant who was not paying rent. It was a quick and easy process. Paperwork submitted on Friday, I got an email from him on Monday stating court date is on Friday. I was surprised how fast it was. I got repossession of the property. All in all, the whole process takes less than 2 weeks. Very knowledgeable and would recommend to anyone who’s looking for a Landlord/Tenant Lawyer.

- Julie(5 star review)


Carlton Casler helped and advised us in our first eviction. We have been using his lease and because of that lease and advise in his book we had not had an eviction in 10 years. Upon finally needing his service we were very pleased with his promptness in answering questions and getting back to us in a timely manner. Follow up was very good including after the judgment and making sure we were in compliance with the court orders and state law. We were very please overall with the service.

- Kent(5 star review)

Abandoned Apartment

It is very difficult to get into an abandoned apartment. Carlton Casler led me through and took care of everything. We were able to get into the apartment in a reasonable amount of time. He also helped to put a judgement against the tenants credit report. Thank you very much. I would call on you again if I ever have another issue.

- Colleen(5 star review)

Quick and Easy Eviction

I live in San Francisco and have an investment property in Scottsdale Arizona. I have been quite lucky to have good tenants up until my last one. He landed in jail because of a DUI for quite some time, and did not want to vacate nor pay rent. I never went thru an eviction before so I was not knowledgeable on the process.
I contacted Mr Cassler and he education me every step of the way. It was nice to deal with him directly rather than talking to a paralegal or his assistant. Especially because I am from out of town. He was very quick to respond to my calls and emails. If I remember correctly, he got back to me several times over the weekend too.
Anyway, he did exactly what he said he would do. I did not have to fly back to Arizona for the hearing. Everything was done in a blink of an eye. We got the judgment immediately and the tenant was out.

- a client(5 star review)

Quick reliable legal service.

Mr. Casler was very helpful in resolving our tenant issue and kept us informed along the way. I would recommend using his services if you need someone who guides you through the legal process and takes care of you. I would gladly use him again.

- Rich(5 star review)

He proves that nice guys finish first!

What impressed me most was what a genuinely nice guy he is, his genuine desire to help, and his kindness. I was also impressed at his resolve and toughness when dealing with a difficult situation. He has always addressed my concerns in the best possible manner, with what I believe was a very good out come for all. I strongly recommend him. He proves that nice guys finish first!

- Bobbie(5 star review)


Mr. Casler is top notch! He kept us informed every step of the way. Being out of State landlords made it very difficult to deal with our Arizona renters. The day we hired Mr. Casler is the day the “good guys” finally won! I truly hope I never have to endure this process again, but if I do Mr. Casler will always be our first choice! Thank you so much for getting us our house back!

- Stephenie (5 star review)

Great attorney

Mr. Casler handled my situation with impeccable professionalism. He was upfront about everything regarding my situation. He was very quick to respond to my phone calls and emails while also answering all of my questions. I highly recommend Mr. Casler.

- Daniel(5 star review)

The best lawyer that My family and our friends have ever known.

Carlton Castler has been very helpful in writing my lease and assisting me through all the difficulties that I have gotten myself in through out my real estate career.

- Ida, a Landlord & Tenant client(5 star review)

Another Attorney and Multiple Property Owner Appreciate his Work and Servicese

My husband and I rely upon and use Mr. Casler’s advice, products and services exclusively. We own a number of rental pr8dn operties and run into problem tenants despite best efforts to avoid them As an attorney not specializing in this area I much prefer his forms to those I was writing myself and others available on the internet. He is also our agent for service of process and we intend to use him for litigation needs as well. We use his notebook reference, books and CDs routinely with excellent results. We highly recommend Mr. Caaler for all things landlord tenant in Arizona.

- Mary Ann and Rick (5 star review)


Mr. Casler is a good attorney. He helped me though a difficult process in evict a family member. was so glad I hired him and would recommend he to others. He was very professional.

- Mary(5 star review)

Eviction action

Carl has done a fantastic job for us. He has been so clear and informative, it has been a pleasure to work with him. We will use him for all of our future Real Estate deals.

- Mark(5 star review)

Professional and Reliable

Found Mr. Casler on google. Am very glad I did. He was extremely helpful in the eviction process. Professional , prompt and reliable. I would highly recommend

- George(5 star review)

Received a Stipulated Judgment against your tenant today

Mr Casler helped me resolving an eviction process and we received a Stipulated Judgment against your tenant today. He has been very clear on each step and necessarily action that helped me understand my position and risks. I appreciate very much his help and definitely have him

- Robert(5 star review)

BEST landlord/tenant/contracts attorney in Phoenix area

Carlton Casler has meticulous detail, follow-through and thoroughness far superior to the other real estate and landlord Attorneys we’ve used in the Phoenix area. His contracts are well thought out & help protect landlord. He doesn’t stop at eviction hearing/writ ofRestitution. He follows through to help you make sure you get your money While other Attorney stop after writ of restitution. We have used Some major Player Attorney in the Phoenix area with no success. He is different from the others and DEFINITELY worth it!

- a client(5 star review)

Above the Best!

I had contacted Carlton originally to obtain a lease agreement that he personally constructed to protect, myself, the lessor for the short term lease. In doing that Carlton requested to reviewed my CC&Rs. After reviewing, unfortunately, I am unable to do short term leasing in my development, so I wouldn’t be needed his lease agreement after all. When I offered Carlton money for his time, he refused, unheard of! Carlton was easy to reach every time I needed him. He’s easy to talk to and understand. Carlton is thorough, requesting my CC&R’s, bravo. What puts Carlton above the rest for me, he’s honest. He could have taken my money and just overlooked the CC&Rs, I would have never been the wiser, until too late of course, when I’m being fined. Carlton is the first attorney I didn’t feel taken advantage of. Carlton is not out for your money, he’s out there to protect you. If you have any doubt in your mind if he should be your attorney, trust me, he is the one! Carlton, you’re above the best, thank you. Wendy

- Wendy

Sit Back and leave it up to Carl

I was stupid and allowed a tenant to rent my model home without checking credit history/references etc. They turned-out to be professional rent-skippers. I was completely stuck. I gave them possession and didn’t have a thing going in my favor. They knew how to use the tenant/landlord laws in their favor.
I decided to buy and read Carl’s book. Unfortunately I bought it too late to “dodge a bullet”, but maybe I could learn something to allow “wound healing” 😉
After reading Carl’s book, I decided to hire him to handle the pre-post eviction proceedings. His prompt response time really impressed me and his advice provided confidence.
I decided the cheapest way out of the predicament was to hire Carl.
Because my tenants are thick-skulled, we eneded-up going thru near-eviction process twice! (The first time, they cleared up the problem by paying in full. Currently I’m almost through the 2nd time around) But the process was as smooth, from my end, as it could be. Carl basically took me step by step thru the process and minimized the need for much “thinking” on my end; which ultimately minimized stress. He made me realize that If you follow all of the rules, the judicial system actually works 😉
I think the Tenants realize I mean business when they receive no-nonse communication that conveys authority. This is what you get with Carl.

Hiring someone that literally “wrote the book” really makes sense. In the end, spending a little more actually saved me money.

- Thomas(5 star review)


Mr. Casler was very informative on the process and answered any questions that we had. He walked us through every thing when we went to trial.

- a client(5 star review)


Mr. Casler has proven himself to be professional and impeccable. He listened to my situation, responded to my questions, respected my position and outlined a plan to effectively produce optimum results.

- Marion, a Real Estate client(5 star review)

Attorney Carl Casler is either respected or feared, your choice!

Carlton knows the law inside and out. He doesn’t allow emotions to overshadow a case.

- Stephanie, a Landlord & Tenant client,(5 star review)