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If you are looking for the CHEAPEST eviction attorney…
I am not the right attorney for you!


  • I provide unparalleled, one-on-one, legal services, but only for a specific type of client. I only work with:
    • Individual landlords (i.e., people who own and manage their own rental properties); and
    • Real estate professionals (i.e., real estate brokers, agents, and property managers).
    • If you fit into this category, then read on.
    • If you own apartments or manage 20+ rental properties — stop reading and don’t call me.
  • Throughout the case evaluation and eviction process, I provide landlord/tenant counseling, education about Arizona landlord/tenant law, and review of your forms and procedures.
  • I won’t just solve your current “problem tenant,” I will help you avoid future problem tenants.

When you hire me, you will ALWAYS talk to ME and I will Personally handle ALL aspects of your case.

I am a “solo-practitioner,” which means that I will handle all aspects of your case.  Unlike other law firms, you will NEVER speak to a paralegal, junior associate, or another attorney who is unfamiliar with your case. You will always speak directly to me about your case.


For every new client, I begin with an evaluation of your case. I analyze the facts of your case under Arizona law and the terms of your rental agreement. I will provide you with a list of your current options. I will make one or more recommendations. And then, if needed, I will draft one or more notices to your tenant. The notice may be all that is necessary to obtain your desired results (e.g., payment, tenant vacating).

During your case evaluation, I will review your rental agreement, forms and procedures. If warranted, I may recommend corrective action.

If the notice does not obtain the desired results, then I may recommend filing an eviction action in court or other actions (i.e., not involving a court) that are in your best interest.


When I handle YOUR eviction, I will:

  • Review facts with you, to determine the best way to proceed (if not already done).
  • Prepare the initial notice (if not already done).
  • Draft the eviction action lawsuit (i.e., Summons & Complaint). After you have reviewed the Complaint for factual accuracy, it will be filed with the court (filing done by court runner).
  • Have tenants served with Summons & Complaint (done by process server).
  • Appear personally for trial (with you or someone on your behalf; you and I may be able to appear by telephone).
  • Follow up to see if Writ of Restitution is necessary.
  • Provide counseling regarding critical and time-sensitive post-judgment requirements and procedures, such as the move-out inspection and timely completing the “Disposition of Deposit” form (included; no additional charge).
  • Review your rental agreement to determine: (1) if it complies with Arizona law and (2) if it needs to be revised or replaced (included; no additional charge).
  • Assist with disposing of any personal property left behind by the tenants (included; no additional charge).
  • Assist with correctly and TIMELY preparing the “itemized list of deductions” from the tenant’s refundable deposits and provide the appropriate form (“Disposition of Deposit’), if needed (included; no additional charge).
  • Record the judgment (including completing the Judgment Information Statement), if desired (recording and other fees apply).
  • Make the initial written demand for voluntary payment from the tenants (required before garnishment of wages; included; no additional charge).
  • Provide counseling regarding your practices and procedures, to help avoid future problems (included; no additional charge).

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