Readymade Lease

Arizona Lease/Rental Agreement – Readymade Form

Includes: complete instructions, Forms, and all necessary Addenda.

$199 for PDF version

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$239 for editable MS Word version

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FEATURE COMPARISON: Compare $199/$239 lease with $695 Custom-Drafted Lease

  • Drafted by a landlord attorney, specifically for Arizona landlords!
  • Includes ALL “NOTICES” and “SPECIAL PROVISIONS” required by Arizona law and federal law
  • Includes complete instructions (19 pages explaining what, when & why)
  • Includes:
    • Crime free provision
    • Guest rent provision
    • Holdover rent provision
    • Daily late fee provision
    • Death of tenant provision
    • Partial payment provision
    • Returned check fee provision
    • Liquidated damages provision
    • Notice fee (for each default notice landlord sends to tenant)
    • Hourly fee for cleaning, maintenance and repairs done by landlord
    • Utilities provision (disconnection for any reason is a default by tenant)
  • Includes forms (PDFs with fields enabled, so you can complete on-screen):
    • 5-Day Notice
    • 10-Day Notice
    • Move-in Inspection form
    • Notice of Termination
    • Rental Hold Agreement
    • Lease Extension form
    • 5-Day Notice for Noncompliance Materially Affecting Health and Safety
    • Notice of Abandonment, and
    • Option to Purchase Agreement
  • Includes separate Addenda (PDFs with fields enabled, so you can complete on-screen):
    • Lead-Based Paint Addendum & Pamphlet (required by federal law)
    • Pool Safety Notice (required by state law)
    • Foreclosure Addendum (required by state law)
    • Special Terms Addendum
    • Guaranty of Lease, and
    • Pet Addendum
  • Landlord may choose “fixed-term” or “month-to-month”
  • Assign yard maintenance to landlord or tenant
  • Assign pool maintenance to landlord or tenant
  • Tenant required to get renter’s insurance
  • Tenant must comply with HOA Rules and pay HOA fines
  • Tenant responsible for “full amount of property damage,” not a prorated amount
  • Tenant responsible for damage to rental property by guests and others
  • Rent payable by mail, check, or direct deposit (with special language)
  • Specifies number of vehicles tenants may park on property
  • Interest on deposits goes to landlord
  • Restrictions on pets, smoking, waterbeds, trampolines, and more

FEATURE COMPARISON: Compare $199/$239 lease with $695 Custom-Drafted Lease

This form CANNOT be used by everyone!

BEFORE you use this rental agreement,


  • This Lease was drafted specifically for Arizona. This Lease may not be valid in any other state.
  • This Lease is VERY “landlord friendly” (i.e., favorable to the landlord).
  • This Lease IS NOT for use by Arizona real estate agents or brokers because it does not include the additional provisions required by Arizona law when a lease form is used by real estate agents/brokers.
  • This Lease IS NOT for use for vacation rentals. Vacation rental property may not be subject to the Act, but use of this form would make the Act apply — you most certainly don’t want that!
  • This Lease IS NOT for use by hotels, motels or any other “transient” (as defined by the Act) occupants.