Packages & 20% Savings

If you need three or more of the following, then the fee for ALL of custom-drafted documents you need will be reduced by TWENTY PERCENT (20%).

If YOU either have or want to set-up a new real estate business, such as a full service real estate brokerage, a property management business, or any other type of real estate business, then you may need one or more of the following.  If you need three of more of the following, then the fee of EACH legal services is reduced from the regular fee (in red) to the discounted fee (in green).

I will draft all your documents specifically to suit you and your business and I will ensure that all documents are integrated, so that each document is consistent with your other documents.

The process is easy.

Call 1-602-255-0101 to set up a telephone appointment. I will take care of the rest.


Send me an e-mail with your phone number and the best time to contact you and I will call you to schedule an appointment: [email protected]

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